Cledus T. Judd

Gone Funky (Parody of Gone Country by Alan Jackson.)

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She's been playin' them low life honky tonks for thirty years in Texas.
She's sick and tired of all them Reba songs they keep requestin'.
She's about to lose her voice, her hair's fallin' out and ain't nobody clappin'.
So she think's she'll shave her head, buy a boom box and just turn to rappin'.
She can't keep up, with them country heffers,
Gonna learn to shake her booty, just like Salt N' Peppa.

She done gone funky, a brand new tattoo.
She done gone funky, a big nose ring too.
She done gone funky, her favouite rap song's "Shoop".
She done gone funky,
Hah, you go girl!

Well, he never was good at suckin' up to all them country disc jockeys.
It seems like every dag-blammed weekend some new hat act bumped him off the Opry.
He had to sell his bus, his house, his cows: ain't had a hit since the sixties.
Well he's fed up with hearin' about: Travis, Garth, Tim McGraw, Collin Raye, Billy Ray Cyrus, John Michael Montgomery, and Joe Diffie.
He saw Johnny Cash on MTV,
Bought a new new toupee, said: "That's the place for me."

He done gone funky, to heck with his roots.
He done gone funky, burned his cowboy boots.
He done gone funky, wearin' platform shoes.
He done gone funky!
Oh, Suki.

Oh well, he moved up to Nashville, had big dreams of being a songwriter.
Ha ha, 'bout the only things he's written down lately are some orders down at Brown's diner.
If everybody's gone country, like Alan Jackson says,
Gonna move to Los Angeles and buy him a drum machine.

He done gone funky, hangin' out with old Snoop
Doggy Dog, sippin' on gin and juice
He done gone funky, duets with Two Live Crew.
He done gone funky.

I feel good.
He done gone funky.
He done gone funky.
He done gone funky.
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, funky.
He done gone funky.
She done gone funky.

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