Mike Stud

Gone In September

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Mike Posner:
I used to be a sweetheart
I used to be alright
I'd tell myself I love you
But I'm creeping every night
When I met you at the party
And I told you you were pretty
I was honestly just trying to score
But you made me wait a week
Just to kiss you on your cheek
Now it's breaking my heart to break yours
I said I loved you in the summer
But will I love you in the fall?
I thought I wasn't like the others
Guess, I'm an asshole after all

Mike Posner:
Come September I'll be gone, gone, gone
Come September I'll be gone, gone, gone

Mike Stud:
Let's have a toast for the douchebags
Let's have a toast for the assholes
Cause I'm the type to stay for the night
And when the time is right, leave right out the back door
That's right, I'll be gone in an instant
Out the back door like I play for Princeton
Yes, then it's on to the next one
Always in the air like I live with the Jetsons
Another night, another town
It's alright because the wife is not around
Damn, and I don't even care
I used to be a stand-up guy, now I need a chair
Yeah, and they digging my demeanor
Catching everything I throw at 'em like Molina
So I got a lot of numbers, I don't call though
Cause all I want to do is score more than Ronaldo
So we're headed to my condo
Then I pass her off to my boys like Rondo
And she's a good sport cause she remembers
After this night, I'm gone till September

Autor(es): ,Mike Posner