Ian Thomas


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You keep pretty much to yourself
And it's hard to catch your eye
Though we know each other well
There's so much you still hide
I can only get so close
Before you turn away
Maybe you're afraid what I might say

I'd say you're a candle in the darkness
You're a soothing to the pain
You're a river in the desert
Or a shelter from the rain
A welcome shade from the sun
An island in the sea
No one as gone on you as me


'Cause baby I'm a goner
When it comes to you
I'm a goner, and there's nothing I can do
Relieve me like only you can do
Believe me, when it comes to you
I'm gone

Tell me I'm not dreaming to myself
You're getting closer every day
Tell me that you're falling like I fall
And the worries are fading away
There's only understanding
You can be what you will be
No one's as gone on you as me