Stan Ridgway

Gone the Distance

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Ocean wide and water deep
Noddin' off, you fall asleep
No one understands their pain
Look outside; it's about to rain

Fallin' out of a blue sky
Walk the dog and swat the fly
No one's 'round to recognize
Shades of black behind blue eyes

Now you've gotta prove it all to me
Or you can let it pass just like a speeding car
Is there something left here you gotta see?
Or is it all a million miles from where you are?

Trees are tall and grass is green
One's alone and two's a team
Play guitar and make a scene
Read about it in a magazine

Tired of playin' what to be?
Friend is now an enemy
Slam a door and break a glass
From there to here has gone too fast


Autor(es): Stan Ridgway

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