Bob Schneider

Gone to Find Jesus

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Jimmy's so excited about the wrongs that he's righted
He's got himself invited to the governors ball
No one's found the money nothings funny call me honey
He didn't run the gun he hid is in the stall

And everybody's crazy bout that lazy chic named daisy
But she be basically a lady with a baby in her belly
I never watch the telly I'm sometimes smelly I can tell you
If you got a lotta dough it's hard to get through heaven's door

Well I used to hustle honey
And I used to bust my buttons
Used to get a head a steam up
Just so I's could get ahead
But them days over
You can tell it to Jehovah
Cause baby I'm gone to find Jesus

And Jesus is my lawyer I shall not weep
Don't matter what I done or if the hole's real deep
I'll walk through the shadow and I'll walk through the light
But Jesus' my lawyer its gonna be alright

Shirley made a list of opportunities she'd missed and seeking bliss with a kiss
She dismissed the situation
With a rope that she made out of spidereggs and glade she paid the maid
And went to bed and took a permanent vacation

Sarah got a job had a kid and called it bob she ate corn on the cob almost
Every single day
She used to pray at the bagoda used to drive a red Toyota
Used to live in South Dakota now she's living in L.A.

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