Hideaway Hill

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When I'm old and small
If it matters much at all
I will tell of a place
To anyone who'll listen

Through the waiting trees
We leave behind our miseries
All our friends are there
And not a thing is missin'

Hideaway on Hideaway Hill
(Always will)
Gonna hideaway
(I hear it still)
On Hideaway Hill

Over waves of grass
Catch the sunset in a glass
It always moves the fastest
Just before the end

In the wading pools
Playing on the ancient tools
It's a full moon lullaby
When you hear coyotes singin'


Time flows like water there
You know we've got the time to spare
The key was made for us to share
And we'll come back, we'll always come back…

Autor(es): Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon / Monroe Jones / Scott Crago