Gone With The Rain

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Your eyes are far
In departed times
In these days of yearning
I keep on waiting for a sign
All lights are on
On an open sea
To find my shelter
Is all I wanna feel
So many days I wait for you

So many tears I’m gonna loose
Can’t you see we’re still alive?
We find a way to turn back time
Come take my hand, we redesign
I breathe the air of yesterday
When the rain is falling down
When the night begins to sound
I will be there on my way
I am gone with the rain
When the walls are closing in
When the times will be changing

I am standing on the shore
And I am gone with the rain
Once more, (once again/today)
Is this the way that I should go?
I can’t believe, I miss you so
In this winter’s piercing cold
Dreams come to life and fall apart

Time still remains when I stand guard
For all the hopes we hide inside
Your eyes are far
And the times are gone
In these days of yearning
I keep on waiting all alone for you

Autor(es): Marc Ziegler