Blue October

Gone Wrong

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I black out in the room again,
Busted lip and broken skin
I wake up in the bedroom,
I dare not bother asking
Why the mirror's cracked
And all i see
Are shards of glass inside of me
A voice is there to dare me
My father's here to scare me
And my mother sits beyond the door,
She's curled up, crying on the floor
"look at what our son's done,
The weight of all the world's gone wrong."

Liars leave a guilty trail
And i've lied for years
That must be why i'm sitting
In this space,
Disregarding i've created monsters
On both my sides,
And i wipe the blood from both their eyes,
From all four of their eyes
And while i wait for wounds to heal,
I see you by the window sill
Your heart tore out,
A plastic spoon
That honesty lit up the room
And i took the pillowcase to clean
The mess i'd made of someone's dream
Now you see what i have done,
When the weight of all the world's gone wrong
Gone wrong...
Gone wrong...

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