Gonna do It My Way

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Let me do it like you want it
Sure to please ya
It's turning me on
It's a pleasure you cannot measure
I love doing it, it makes me so horn
There's no reason
There's no secret
It's just my way
There's no regret
Let's go crazy
Let's go wild
We're gonna rock till we're down to the floor

Bullshit walks, that's life
Think it's real? think twice
They pull your strings
They pull mine
Nevermind, let's rock till you drop!
Hate to follow
Hate to swallow
My fuckin' pride ain't afraid to collide
If i blow it, it's my fault
I get the blame so i'll just go my way

I'm gonna do it my way
No matter what they say
I just don't care
I just don't care
Just the way i like it
I'm gonna do it my way
Gonna do it till my dying day
So don't waste your time
Don't waste your time
Live up to your dream

Autor(es): Akira Takasaki / Minoru Niihara / Takashi Kanazawa