Gloria Estefan

Gonna Eat for Christmas

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Don't want tinsel, don't want bows
Don't want Rudolph's shiny nose
I'm gonna eat for Christmas

From my diet I will stray
But I'll workout the next day (Oh what a shock!)
Gonna eat for Christmas

It's a time for giving

Won't you give me mashed potatoes and ham?

It's a time for sharing

Are you gonna polish off those yams?

You mean these?
Yes I am

I don't say this to be nice
I'll have more black beans and rice
Gonna eat for Christmas

At the family shindig
Gonna be the Christmas pig

But I'll leave some room

I'm planning quite a buffet

Please don't throw away

That leftover food
Santa gave us some advice
To be naughty's very nice
'Cause when you're stuffed
It'll always feel like
Christmas to you!

Oh, that was exhausting, oh we got a break now?
Oh, yeah
I am so hungry Glo, what'ya got?
Put down that sandwich
Well, do you have anything...
You can't eat now
I can eat this now
No, there's no time
How much time do we have?
We're almost going to sing now
Let me just, wait, I can swallow you take the first part
Get her some water for god sake
I'll join you, go.

There's a twinkle in my eye
For a piece of pumpkin pie
Gonna eat for Christmas

If I eat one more soufflé
I won't fit in Santa's sleigh

I'll be filled with gloom

To face the scale the next day
Is no holiday
We'll sing a different tune (you know it)

Take advantage while we may

Let's pig out on Christmas day
'Cause when you're stuffed
It'll always feel like Christmas
To you

That was fun
Whoa, Yeah
You know there's a candy machine in the lobby.
Did you see it? No, it's there.
I can't believe you

Autor(es): Emilio Estefan, Jr. / Gloria Estefan / Roberto Blades