Colorblind James Experience

HiFi Alphabet

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I saw the monster from the bay
I saw him raise his ugly head
We spoke for about a half an hour
I don't recall a thing we said

"Jack's Bloody Shadow" is a bar
It's next door to the "Broken Ghost"
That's up the street from "What a Cage"
I don't remember on what coast

Lil' miss was married yesterday to some bohemian die hard twerp
He didn't bother to get dressed
It wasn't even in a church

His family chipped in for a gift, all tied with ribbon in a knot
It's what they've always wanted, yes: a cubist cemetery plot

He said, "I finally wrote my book
It's called "The HiFi Alphabet"
I asked him what it was about
He hasn't figured that out yet

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