Angel Olsen


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I feel so lonesome I could cry
But instead I'll pass the time
Sittin' lonely with somebody lonely too
Well, there's nothin' in the world I'd rather do
Now tell me if you don't feel this way
But all I want, all I ever need
Is someone out there who believes

Sometimes believe
Not always believe
Sometimes believe

Now we don't have to take it to extreme
We'll keep our hands, our legs, even our lips apart
But I'm giving you my heart, my heart
Are you giving me your heart, your heart?

Are you lonely too?
Are you lonely too?
High five, so am I
All of your life
Stuck in time

I'm stuck, too
I'm stuck with you, you, you, you
I do, I do, I do

Autor(es): ANGEL L. OLSEN