Crystal Gayle

Gonna Lay Me Down Beside My Memories

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I wish I could wakeup feeling the way I used to
Full of myself and ready to start the day
I wish I could turn my head and find you in my bed
Instead of that empty pillow where you lay

I wish I could call your name and hear you answer
Look into your eyes and listen to your warm laugh
But of all those times we knew are over for me and you
And there’s only one way I can bring ‘em back

Gonna lay me down beside my memories
Gonna turn my thoughts to how it used to be
Gonna hold you in my mind reach out
And touch old lonesome times
Gonna lay me down beside my memories

I wish we could sit down and do us a little talking
Run through the past and sort out a thing or two
But you don’t agree one bit you just wanna call it quits
So there’s only one thing left for me to do

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