Gonna Love This Woman

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I see a shadow, moving behind me
I hear her whisper, I feel her breath,
It's hard to turn away!
I kiss her lips and say "Goodbye" and slowly close the door,
And inside me the fortuneteller, I hear him as he says..

I'm drivin' down the road, and miss her far away,
And although only five minutes are gone,it feels like yesterday,
I kissed her lips and said "Goodbye, I won't be long away!"
But now it slowly fade away, but one memory stays..

You gonna love this woman
For the rest of your life,
You gonna treat her right,
And never do her harm,
You gonna see her old beside you,
And you'll be still amazed,
That after all this time your love is like today.
..Love ceremony..

Days have passed, I will see her again,
I'm driving down the road again,
Coming closer, just wait.
I kiss her lips and hold her tight: "I'll never go again."
And as I hold her once again, I confirm inside my head..

Refrain 2x

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