Tammy Wynette


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I was a waitress in a barroom,
No future in sight,
And he was just lonely,
When he came there that night.

Then someone played the jukebox,
And he asked me to dance,
And when he softly held me,
I thought, it's my chance.

To be good like I want to be,
That's what he's saw in me.
Not just a girl on the wrong side of town,
Good like I used to be, he brought it out in me.
And that's when I promised,
That I'd never let him down.

Now I'm back here in a barroom,
A waitress again.
The good world I've lived in,
Just came to an end.

For temptation comes easy
To a woman like me.
And regardless of my chances,
I know that I'll never be.

Good like I used to be;
I guess it's just not in me.
With all my heart how I wish I proved
I've been good like he wanted me.

But good is what I'll never be,
And now I know that he's gone for good...

Autor(es): Billy Sherrill / Brenda Sutton

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