Good All Year

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verse 1: There's no more laughter and no more cheer.
I cant be happy if your not here.
I want a white christmas, but it's blue.
I cant stop thinking about you.
There's only one present under my tree,
And it's addressed to you from me.
I even did the wrapping job myself.
You gotta remember it's the thought that counts.

Chorus: I've been good all year.
Santa hear my cry.
Grab your eight reindeer.
And bring her to this guy.

Verse 2: I hung your stocking by the christmas tree,
and the one that you made for me.
Come by there's something you need to bring,
and it wont even cost a thing.
There's only one thing I could think of.
All I want is your love.
I even made your favorite Christmas treat.
Those santa cookies that you love to eat.

Chorus: 1x

Bridge: If you dont walk through my door.
Then what's the mistletoe for.

Chorus: 1x

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