Good As Gone

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A strange thought just crossed my mind paid the rains back in kind.
Twas the thought of sweet May coming on.
The days are running so slow, my heart is aching to go,
and my feet surely itch for the road.

Um the long hard summer.
Oh now the summer long.
Things I must do places to see,
Things I must do, I've nothing now to hold me here,
And I'll take the southward road.

I have been tied to this land since the day I was planned,
By the need to feed my body and my mind;
Look can you work 'till you're grey, waste your whole life away;
What security then do you find?

I doon't have no one to cheat, don't have no one to beat,
I just need some roon to uncurl,
I don't have no aim in view, just some dreams to pursue,
As I wallow around in the world.

Autor(es): Robin Williamson

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