Blake Shelton

Good at Startin' Fires

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Shes got her new jeans on
Lookin' so right its wrong
Everybody stares as she walks on by

See those double takes
Hear those slammin' breaks
Yeah when she smiles you can see the sparks fly

My baby's gotten good
Good at starting fires
Hearts burn for her
But I know I'm walkin' beside her
Yeah maybe baby's gotten good at startin' fires
But I'm the only one
Ain't no doubt
Only one that puts them out

Shes got her long red dress
And boy I must confess
When you see her she'll take your breath away
When we're out on the town
Eyes look her up and down
Yeah she makes the night time hotter than a summer day


I'm a lucky man and I know its true
Her fire burns for me
Yeah that's just so cool

[Chorus: x2]

Autor(es): Sherrié Austin / Will Rambeaux