High Living

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You and me
Can be what we want to be
Don't you like
This come falling down on me

And i don't expect anything in return
We'll be getting high, cruising
We'll be living high, living
We'll be getting up when we're down
And the ? is coming

We'll be living high
You'll be living low
I can't give it either way
I don't think i know

We'll be living high
You can take me now
You can take me then
Doesn't matter if i fall

She'll be living high
She'll be living low
She can live it either way
I don't think she knows

She'll be living high
You can take her now
You can take her then
Doesn't matter if she falls

She'll be living low, low, low
We'll be living high

Autor(es): Chaz Bundick

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