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i've traveled so many places met so many extraordinary races
it touches me to my heart when memories come up of old faces
its time to bid em farewell as my life moves on to great new spaces
i cant stay attached to long because life put you through short phases

hasta la vista, later, peace out, dueces
its time for me to go where ever life chooses
life is just like a bubble gum machine many colors
life might deal you one bad apple but you bound to meet others
they got so close to me suntan beds to skin
but i had to back up or get burned again
you can meet many people but saddest part of life
is when you had all your fun wish them everything alright

i know your hearts troubled but sincerely dont cry
maybe we'll meet in this life again or travel in the sky
you dropped me off to the airport i departed in a cab
no matter whats the transportation in your heart you felt a stab
and this world is beautiful like formal masquerades
once i told you goodbye your happy expression just faded
everyday different people, different scenarios why
looked in my eyes you just sighed, it was time to say goodbye

i live life on the edge so hung up off farewells
we have a perfect relationship but only time tells
friendship is so amazing what happens when all else fails
r.i.p to the loved ones, tombstone, rose and smells
we can stay together forever i can hear wedding bells
late night walks in the park, united by love spells
but i dont want to much from you expectations to high
when life carrys on we have to say goodbye