High School Football Hero

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I wanna be a highschool football hero
With an S.A.T. Icore less than zero. I wanna
Try to drink my weight in beer-o. I wanna be a highschool football hero
I wanna score a touchdown so I can score after the game
I don't care about my future 'cause it is just another day
I'll rush for forty yards and drink four forties later on. I'm done with
This brunette someone pass me another blonde
Coach tells me to drink my milk and wash it down with 'roids
I've gotta get my rest so I can
Party with the boys
My brain is upside-down, so I'm just a little slow
I'll change my name to
Bubba, so that everyone will know...

Autor(es): geoffrey tilander, mark blackwelder, adam carson, david marchand

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