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Verse 1: I know its over
And its so hard
Led me to believe
Wed never be apart
But I gotta walk away
Time for me to dry my eyes
No matter how I feel
Boy its time to say goodbye

Chorus: Today I realized
That I would not cry
Just to hear your name
Seems to create this pain
You promised me forever
Said wed stay together
Now that the truth ahs turned to lies
Babes I gotta say goodbye

Verse 2: Were you conscious of
The promise that you made
Was it just that easy for you
To lie into my face
Now I dont have to stand and cry
I cant believe you really lied
So now Ill dry my eyes
This is goodbye


Bridge: I told myself the war took you
And you wont be coming home
It helps me rest my head at night
Helps me live alone
You took away the one true thing
That brought light into my life
Took your lie real far
And you know that wasnt right
And Ill never forget
And I will always cry
Especially today
When I finish this goodbye

Chorus 3x

Verse 1