The Bible

High Wide and Handsome

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Hey, is that Frank's car?
Are you going out with him
like you did with me?
Does he go as fast
as I used to go?
Are you leaning out the window
laughing, laughing?

And so, if you see me walking
turn to him and say
Now did you ever see, high wide and handsome?

Hey, do I know here?
Is this where you live now?
Do you live alone?
Do you notice days
when the world's on ice?
Are yuou looking out your back door
Laughing, laughing? Well, allright

And so, if you meet me one day
turn to me and smile
now did I ever see, high wide and handsome?

High wide, high wide
wide and hight and handsome

I'm going back to my roots

Autor(es): Hewerdine