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I'm sitting alone in the dark
Holding on to the phone so hard
Trying to understand
What i hear
I fear

I'm hearing all the words
And every word realy hurts
I'm thinking should i go
Lay on the floor
Before i fall

So many years you filled my life
And this you had to hide
There is no more tears left to cry
I just stare

There is nobody just like you
No one who made me love like i do
You did it all more than twice
That i feared
Six years.

I can still smell your skin
Run my fingers through your hair
Hear your laugh
And i cry

Don't know
Why he told a lie
So i couldn't say goodbye
Don't know
Why you made him lie
Why you didn't say goodbye?

You are still on my mind
Sometimes not all the time
I can see you and you smile
With your eyes
All lies
Sometimes i love you just the same
It's hard and with the same pain
As in the crazy days
I loved loving you
Still do
This is my goodbye...

Autor(es): Antti Warman / Janne Warman / Jonna Kosonen