Chris Bathgate

Goodbye Babe

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I took all my things and
I packed 'em in boxes
All of my possessions
Are out on the curb
Well I slept through
Chicago and I woke up in Jackson
Onward to a house that
I've never lived in
But all I want to do is go back
To 3 in the morning
Drive to your house, throw
Little stones at your windows
Until you wake up and come
Down the stairs
Open the door and kiss me hello
Well hello my babe

Last night I drank
Myself into oblivion
Mostly because I knew
I was goin' and
The last thing I saw was
Burned in my retinas
A lonely old view (all for any glitten) and
All I can do is just try to remember
The tear hits the page as
I'm going through your letters
I'm hoping that somewhere far, far away
You're thinkin' of me and
You're doin' the same
Well goodbye babe

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