Sleep Station

Goodbye Elba-1 Part 2

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I patched in all your lines, standing and waiting by, forget all you had to do.
Now that I'm on time, you said to me that I wouldn't ever lose, not you.
Now I cant go on and it's the worst of me that you get to choose, I would not ever lose faith in you now.

So nice of you to hear the words that you would so conveniently choose, I'm right here next to you and I don't think that I've lied, Elba-1 goodbye.

Standing on the shore, waiting for the sky, to go away.
I got here to late.
I got here to brake, the balance in your mind.

Now I sold the lock you made and helping isn't doing a thing, how would you like to bring a face into the crowd?
Here we go again but I am not the one that you have to break you have some things to make, now that you've found the time, Elba-1 goodbye