Alkaline Trio

Goodbye Forever [DVD]

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Take your wings outside, you can't fly in here
Besides, a purple sky is better soaring
For you my angel
You're an angel, you little devil
As for me I'll stay inside, I'll be just fine
And I'll watch from the window

Cannot categorize the nature of this sickness
A miracle that you're alive
Stuck to the roof of my mouth with a staple
Remember last April when we saw US Maple?
Somehow the singer showed the Fireside
Exactly how I feel

And we say goodbye and go underground
Or up towards the sky
Up in smoke burnt down to size
At least we're still friends, at least we're still alive

Take your wings outside, no use for them in here
Bad luck to open inside, work like umbrellas
Like a broken mirror, it's getting clearer
The end is closer than ever before
And you'll want nothing more
When your head hits the floor
And you're lost in the darkness

[Chorus: x2]


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