Irving Berlin

Goodbye, Girlie, And Remember Me

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[1st verse:]
So you're leaving me, sweet girlie
So it's true we have to part
Let me whisper something girlie
To my own sweetheart
It will worry me, sweet girlie
And I'll be so lonesome too
It will cheer me, dear, when you're not near me
Just to know your heart beats true

Goodbye, girlie, and remember me when you're far away
I'll be thinking of you dearie, more and more each day
Summer's coming, birds will soon be humming love's sweet melody
Good luck! Goodbye, girlie, and remember me

[2nd verse:]
I can see a scene, sweet girlie
As sweethearts can only do
Where we'll sit and dream sweet girlie
In a home for two
See just what it means, sweet girlie
What it means for you and I
So in Junetime, spoontime, honeymoon-time
We'll be happy, bye and bye

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