Richard Marx

Goodbye Hollywood

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Born and raised in the windy city
I moved west to kick start a dream
What I found was a town without pity
That'll chew you up and swallow you clean

I'm amazed at the life I'm livin'
Don't want to seem like I'm rockin' the boat
But it ain't all about taking but giving
I feel something tugging at my coat
No one ever told me it would be like this
That there'd be something called home that's too hard to miss

I'm saying goodbye to the glamor
Back to the old neighborhood
All that I need is a place that I can breathe
I'm saying goodbye to Hollywood

Done my time in the Hoodoo Jungle
Tired of waking up in another man's dream
I've got the ball and I ain't gonna fumble
Gonna make a winner of this team
All that ever mattered were the goals I chased
Now, I'm ready to run in the human race


Me and the Mrs. done made up our minds
We're gonna give our boys a little less sunshine
Call it runnin' say what you like
I've got my own definition of paradise
I'd rather be knee deep in snow than knee deep in jive
I may be cold but my soul is alive


Autor(es): Richard Marx

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