City Boy

Goodbye Laurelie

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The grass is overgrowing on the garden rail
And crickets call a chorus I remember well
Calling me, that old familiar thunder
Writing letters I always meant to send you

When every second feature showed Niagara Falls
We weresitting pretty, feeling twice as tall
Making faces at the madman in the alleyway.
We laughed at every cowboy who stopped to fill his glass

Calling, Goodbye Laurelie, dirty town lullabye
Goodbye Laurelie, goodbye.
Goodbye Laurelie, dirty town lullabye.
Goodbye Laurelie . . .

When all the city papers say you're doing well
You're still a small town story that the neighbours tell
When you smile and say hello to strangers
You're still the foolish boy they all remember

The crazy Jane I chased every other night.
Has reappeared in white like a virgin bride.
I'm the face in the comer of the photograph
A wild man at the weddding, fixing his tie.

Chorus x3

Autor(es): Lol Mason / Max Thomas