Goodbye, Megaton

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Our city lies in ruins and our livelihood is next,
I'm left to build from decay with the whole world crashing down around you.
'How the fuck could we let this happen?'

And no answers come to mind.
We are caught in the steady decline and there's no deterrent.
Oh, the aftermath could bring you to your knees.
Guilt is starting to dissolve you from the inside out.
And you're now grasping at your last chance for salvation,
And it's on its way.

This is our own world,
And its up to us to decide our own fate.
And even though change may be unavoidable,
It's up to us to emerge from the bottom of the barrel.
As a whole, we can impact mankind for the better.
And the earlier we realize this,
He sooner we can reassemble our lives.
Reassemble our own lives.
Now is our chance to rebuild.
Now is our chance to rebuild.
Now is our chance to rebuild.