Goodbye My Friend

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Remember how we used to promise that we would always be together?
Did you have to leave just like that?
We comforted each other even though we didn't want to believe, I want to part with longing
I love you, your pretty smile, our precious past,
beautiful memories, all left in me
I will fill my tears in your name, which spells out eternity. I'll be sad just for today.
I won't cry anymore.

Goodbye My Friend,
I'll never hurt you again, I'll part with you smiling
Goodbye My Friend
Please be my light,
please become a shining star forever and stay by me.
Goodbye My Friend

I gazed at you.
A long time, for a very long time,
I stood alone by your side.
Right now, are we really getting farther and farther away? But I won't be sad, we'll be forever.
Please come to me even now, if I can feel your warm touch
Pray you can smile, pray you won't cry,
pray that you'll always be inside my heart forever
I love you, our fine friendship, your warm touch,
only keep those happy memories inside of you.
I'll fill my last prayer inside your figure that says goodbye,
I'll be sad for just today, now I don't cry anymore.

I know, even though you've closed your eyes beside me,
you're breathing inside of me.

I now leave my last in your soul, here,
I send my heart that's far away.
When the hurting wind blows, when sad leaves fall,
be by my side so that I won't forget you, My Friend
Right now in front of you, I'm writing a letter to the sky. Until the day that we can be together comes
I'll always send you a letter from my heart.
We'll always be by your side.
Goodbye My Friend.