Goodbye Old Pal

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Along about round-up time
In Texas way out West
I lost a friend and a pal, boys
I laid him down to rest
I weeped and moaned over his grave
And to me boys it was sad
'Cause I knew down beneath that mound
Lay the best pal I ever had
Oh de lady a, de oh lady oh, de ladie
My best pal was my old paint horse
And now he's gone to rest
I laid him down beneath that mound
In Texas away out West
Where the cactus blooms over his grave
And the coyotes cry
I know he sleeps in perfect peace
Beneath the Texas sky
Dear old pal it breaks my heart
To leave you here alone
Now I'll go and ride the range
On the Texas roan
But my love for you, old pal
It shall linger on
I will always think of you
Although you're dead and gone

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