Good-bye Routine

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This heart is barely beating
the air is getting thin
Do you know what I mean?
A change is due - for something new

This portrait of a fracture
This x-ray of a big mistake
That's me and you
and you know it, too

Good-bye routine
It's time to leave

I guess I miss a stranger
A friend I've never had
Someone I've never met
It's odd but true - Well, how about you?

Throw out the road maps
Let's go home to a place
we've never been before
Thre's gotta be much, much, much more

Good-bye routine
pack your bags, let's leave
Good-bye routine
burn the props, rewrite the scene

(Whooo-hooo, yeah)
Just can't fight the feeling
We're choking on the air
That we're breathing
And my mind is reeling
Forget about the mess that we're leaving

Good-bye routine
Change the lives we're leading
Kiss me now, we'll call it even

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