Cledus T. Judd

Good Bye Squirrel

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"be vewwy quiet were hunting sumpting"
Me and harold mufort where out doors men,
Set in our back-woods ways.
Both members of the huntin' club, both active in the n.r.a.
"national redneck association"
We scoutted alocation where we had no doubt,
We'd kill the biggest buck in the world
"bee bahh berl"
"bout 34 pointer"
Harrold waited in his tree stand
But all he seen was a squirel
'bebebe bebebe bebe be"
Dang neer two weeks since the season started
And neiter one of us was amused
"ha ha haaaaa"
We had on real trick camo
High powered ammo but no big game to shoot
Then we finnaly saw a deer as big as a horse
Harold had it in his cross hairs
"shoot it"
But that squirrel jumped off of a branch above us
And landed in harolds hair!
"hey what is that thing,get it out thing!"
Harold fell of the stand
On his head he landed
Like a whimp he liad there and cried
"boo hoo wee"
'till i climbed on down picked him up off the ground,
And it didn't take us long to decide. . .
That squirrel had to die

"na na na na na na na!"
Good bye squirrel,
With black-eyed peas
"mmm mmm good"
Your gonna taste good to me,
It's your meat,
C'mon outta that tree,
Hey, guess what,
You've eaten your last nut,

Me and harold went down to the surplus store,
Bought a keg of dynamite.
Two baseball bats and a case of m-80's,
We were in for one heck of a fight.
"we'll show you!"
When your huntin' with dumb and dumber,
Somethin's surely bound to go wrong,
"now be careful"
And when harrold lit that real short fuse,
I knew it wouldn't be long.
When the dynamite blew!
Harrold's foot did too!
And fingers began to fly
We were bairly alive when the game warden 'rived,
And much to our surprise,
That squirrel didn't die!

Good bye squirrel

Just one more shot,
You'll be in my crock pot,
You'll make a lunch,
You overgrown chipmunk,
I'll skin ya high
An make a hat when it's dry

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