Good Bye To Jane

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See the girl on the floor as she's watching the rain
Like sallow tracks of blood running down
Scattered over the floor the sheets painted in black
Showing a fettered, mouthless child
Her mother's gone shopping and she prays
for her daddy not to come home
But for Jane's prayers no god gives a damn:
Her daddy is back to play with Jane!

She closes her eyes to break away from the girl
lying raped and abused on the ground
No use to commit herself to anyone for who'd believe Jane?
She feels hate for being treated that way:
Is it her fault daddy's playing these games?
She tries in vain to think of something she might have done wrong

See the girl on the floor: She can't bear it no more
Lewdy hands defiling her skin
A life like that means not much to Jane:
The belt round her neck gently takes her away
He's closing the door for she seems asleep
Those sickening games won't be played any more!
No-one could explain what happened to Jane:
She was only one in a million girls...

Goodbye to Jane
Goodbye to Jane
Goodbye to Jane

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