Brooks & Dunn

Good Day to Be Me

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Some folks call me crazy my momma call me 'hon
And depending on the mood your in, I might be either one
Hey, I get up and I go to work and I got to work some more
When I get home I take it off and I throw it on the floor

I'm a country boy and I'm a rockin' roller
Like a little crown in my Coca-Cola
Say a little prayer for all the soldiers
Fightin' for the USA
I never was captain of the football team
You ain't never been a prom queen
It's just us and that's OK
If I got you well it's a good day
Good day to be me

You weren't wearin' makeup baby on the nigh you said we would
It's the funny things that I remember when I'm feelin' good
A dollar in my pocket and a catfish on the line
A song about a simple love that's stronger than the pines


When I see ol' glory wavin' when the music starts
I take my hat off of my head and put it on my heart


If I got you well it's a good day, baby
Good day to be me
If I got you well it's a good day, baby

Autor(es): Bob DiPiero / Kix Brooks

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