Jay Sean

Good Enough

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I've got my mothers skin I've got my father eyes
Its something that I can't deny
Its nothing that I wanna hide

And even though my roots come from the other side
I didn't think they would mind
Coz I heard that love was blind
But they can't understand, when it comes to me and you
Cause I don't fit their descriptions
Tell me how to change traditions
When there's all of them and one of me

How can I change a million minds in this lifetime
What is it I have to do
If I erase my history, what defines me
If I let them change all I knew
Would I be good enough for you?

I wish they looked at me and they could see beyond
Everything they think I am
Cause pedigree don't make a man
Don't have to dig too deep to see I'm just like you
What is it they want from me, tell me what more can I prove
Why so many can't understand, when it comes you and I
I don't fit in their descriptions, though I try
Gotta change those old traditions
When its all of them and one of me


[Repeat x2]
(I could lie I could lie I could hide)
Let them take all I knew

Would I be good enough for you

We pretend we have open minds
Yet we judge so fast
Tell me why, to live out my future, yeah
I must surrender my past


Autor(es): Jay Sean / Karsten Dahlgaard / Nina Woodford / Peter Biker