Good Evening

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Good morning, good evening
I hope you like dreaming
You live to learn and you learn to live
It's positive and negative
I can't sleep
But i dream big (3x)

Well it hard to get to bed with a head full of dreams
Pocket full of loose change
Rippin at the seams
And it hard to keep moven with head full of steam
It's the green
It's the scene
It's everything
Hard to gain perspective when ya eyes wont close
It's hard to stand tall when you already on ya toes
Money can't grow on trees yea i know
It's the dough
It's the show
That got me all froze
I wanna change my
My whole lifen
Runnen out a gas tell me who gon scifen
I'm liken
My chances
But i don't say jack
Spin the wheel of fortune
Like i'm sajak

All i wanna do is
Is a ride in a maybach
Look real important
But please don't say that

Thats all that matters to meeeee
Why can't i just dreaaaaaaaam


Well its hard to find peace when you fighten in a war
Hard to see the stars when ya sleepin on the floor
Take what you can get
Grab for a little more
At the mall
Lets ball
Who cares about debt
No freeebies
Stay aliven
Like the bee gees
If they renting
On easystreet
Believe me
I'm buyin
A penthouse yea
Until then tho
I got to get those
Flows that i do thru the ghettos
And suburbs alike
Cause i really like
Things that are nice
Greed my only vice

But i know its only natural (ooh)
So imma do what i have to do (yea)
And when i finally get some rest (uh huh)
I can dream bout shit thats fresh