Richie Campbell

Good For Me

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A bottle in my hand
I've got too much drama in my brain
But I cannot understand
How is this good for me
Takes away the pain
Yes I, I feel like I'm insane
But I cannot understand
How is this good for me

Me snap back to reality
Nowadays all dem a talk about is economy
Now they go and raise the tax
Because dem done spent our money,
And politician smile inna we face, we don't find it funny.
Take a seat and hear me first,
Me beg unoo tek off your tie, beg you tek off your shirt
Take a look at how your people dem strunggle and hurt
Can you see past the hunger and the tears and the dirt
A so the world work

You work a 9 to 5,
Go to college, hustle everyday of your life,
Pay the mortgage
And never make enough many to survive,
God knows me haffi work until 85

Me pocket empty, but me nah gonna stop.
Me family still hungry so me head it never drop.
Me credit coulda low but me still deh pon yop
Make a nickel, spend a nickel, buying food outta shop
Never flip and never flop

Bwoy coulda come with tough chat,
We nuh inna weh dem inna,
We nuh inna gunshot
Straight money making fi put food inna me pot
Police and gunman, say the whole a dem a rat

All shots to me sound the same,
Sollars weh we look and we nuh look bloodstain.
Pray say money fall down like rain,
Keep badmind outta me heart like konshens

Seeking for a better way,
But until the day

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