Good Friend

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What I say evident
And I hope you understand
I am sick of your desire
To be first one in the choir (you play with fire)

Do you believe what you see, what you hear, what tey say?
I'm tierd of this
Do you see, are you fair, do you care or are you sleeping?

I disqualify you out of my mind
'N now you're gone
I do it again and again and again

So scream if you believe i do you wrong
If you are right just carry on
Do you really care?
You don't

This is not a compliment and I geuss,
my girl, you're not my good friend
You're telling lies behind my back
Do you have a reason?

Do you believe that you're strong,
you're the best, you're the queen?
Be aware of yourself!
I believe the you're sared. that you're weak
Would you die for your fame?

You are losing touch
Don't say 2 is 1 too much
Why are you so concerned?

Autor(es): Die Happy

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