Erin McKeown

Good Friend Martin

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good friend martin, when you think of me,
make sure i am a woman of ideals.
'cause martin, that's all i've got left in me.
can't pull no tricks out my sleeve.

martin, our roads may not be the same,
we've each got our own style and way.
but martin, we each gonna taste that fame,
but i can just say my fame gonna taste a little sweeter.
'cause your head it is big and your feet they don't hit the ground.
and martin, i've learned one thing,
only good boys get to morningtown,
and i know you want to ride to morningtown.

so martin, i'm gonna keep playing my empty rooms,
someday i'll find my space.
and martin, i'm gonna keep my mouth free and clear,
ain't no dick gonna block what i say.
'cause my head it ain't big and my feet they gonna stay on the ground.
martin, i've learned one thing,
only good girls get to morningtown,
and i am gonna ride to morningtown.