"Good & Gone"

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He was driving outside
That loud Irish bar
Corner of Jewel Street
Winked from his car
He turned, looked at me
And pulled to the side
Stopped and he said
Come out for a ride


Don't look at me like that
Unless you mean it
I don't think you're funny'
When you drink
It's the same old story
And I've seen it
I'm not quite as lonely
As you think

Tall dark and handsome
with a million dollar smile
Tells drunken stories
From last night's pub crawl
All of that booze
Is bringing him down
Every time I want to go
He's got another round

If you want to be my man
Stop acting rough and tough
If you really want to kiss me
Stop drinking and pay up
All that charm you got to burn
Ain't nearly enough

No speed is slow enough
To see what's going on
Drink's himself silly
Till he's good and gone
Swervin'' down that road
Never to return
Never did close any deal
Kept missing every turn

Autor(es): Dan Pifer / Mary McBride

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