Good Good Love

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Hey, I wanna give you a little advice
I noticed that you're not acting yourself
And I'm sure you're probably having some problems in your relationship
But, I want to tell you this
I met this guy that, uh, this guy that you dated
And I can't think of his name, but anyway
He says he's a nice young fella
And I gotta say this, if you're willing to work it out
That shows you love one another

BJ the Chicago Kid:
For him she packed all her Louie (All her Louie)
All her Gucci (All her Gucci)
All her Prada (All her Prada)
But somehow she left her heart
I heard that she called her momma (She called her momma)
Told her she's leaving (Told her she's leaving)
Said she was tired (Said she was tired)
Momma said, "Tired ain't through"
She didn't understand
She didn't know the power of man
So we both know
One day she's going back to be with him, be with him
So whoever's ? is just a rebound, rebound, a rebound
I call it recess
But when this gets old, you better know, she's going back
To that good old, good old
Faithful, faithful, faithful

Dear me, you got some work to do to better you
He said some hurtful things, but I know all of it was true
I may not mean it though it comes off as an attitude
And that ain't good for us, when we have problems I can't talk 'em through
Gotta learn to listen, can't cut him off when he talkin' too
I know you only get upset though cause you love him, this is true
Really don't understand and he need to stop and listen too
A two-way street, you both need to meet like tires on the Coupe
I know it's hard cause you was raised that way just like your momma
And you yell a bit and that was it, that really drove him off the roof
Got you packin' bags, when inside you know you don't wanna lose
What you got, cause baby make you laugh and when it all is cool
And all is cool, but then you got some pride and got some scars to prove
That you don't trust him, thought your heart is crying all the baby blues
The other dude's lyin' about the way you feel about him too
And momma askin' how you do and you say, "Fine" she know that you
Pretending, she remembering that she was young just like you
Tryin' to talk, but you won't listen, stubborn but you're hurtin' boo
You left your heart and I know he's all you think about
Brand new start just won't happen cause you just can't do without

Yo, I got it bad I'm tryin' to fight it, hide it from the world
But momma's right, damn, she really knows her baby girl
Checkin' on his twitter page to see what he did yesterday
I miss him and this dating game I'm playing is just that, a game
Thumbing through my contacts, always manage to step on his name
I wanna call him, well dammit won't you do it then?
I tell myself, wastin' all this time on all these other men
That interest and it's just a break though until I'm back with him
Unless he datin' too, unlike me, havin' fun with them
Makin' love with them, cause maybe he feels that I'm over him
Then what? What if he don't take me back forever
Then I'm left here with these maybes and what if we stuck together
And these why you nevers, like why you never call him?
Thinkin' of my lonely days stuck in my room bawlin'
Rain on the window mirror, saw the tears I let go
My pride and all these scars inside, it's time for me to let go
So what we fall, like momma said, it's not unusual
Need to pack my bags, go back, cause what we had was beautiful

Autor(es): ,BJ The Chicago Kid

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