Good Guys Get Left Behind

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I know I don't usually make love songs, but there's a few
Special girls who kind of changed my perspective on everything
And I feel like every guy comes to that point in his life
Where he changes from a boy into a man
So yo, this one is strictly for the ladies, only

See when I met your stupid ass up at the mall on accident
I thought you was the baddest chick
I ever seen but that was so inaccurate
You stole my heart like you had done some magic trick
Your essence was so fabulous you also
Had a sexy look and rack of tits
I only had intentions to respect your ass and that was it
I took you for a walk under the moon, we joked and laughed a bit

The chemistry was there, right where we met I had to act on it
At that moment I knew you was the girlfriend that I had to get
What happened bitch? I swear you had me mad sprung
Our first time hanging I could've did more than I had done
But I didn't because I was nervous
In my heart, you had reserved a place

So sexing you just wasn't on my mind
Cause you were worth the wait
Shit got to a point where you started cancelling dates we made
Gave me crazy rage, you had me thinking you hate me, great
You vanished with no signs and I didn't even know why
'Til I found out you had a fucking boyfriend this whole time

Why couldn't you just tell me?
You had me buying plane tickets
To go see your stupid ass
Then you cancelled on me at the
Last minute talking about you busy
Bitch, I'm busier than you and I still
Make time for your bitch ass
Fuck you!

I should've fucked you when
I had the chance to (the chance to)
Now I'm sittin' alone in my house
And I'm wishin' you'd call me right now
Baby, perhaps I should have been less nicer than I was to you
Cause this seems like all the good girls go for bad guys
And good guys get left behind

I swear I'm sick of this, bein' stuck in predicaments
Gettin' the shitty end of the stick and it's never different
Hours spent on the phone as I'm listenin' to your gibberish
Blah-blah-blah your mind was scrambled I tried to configure it
I'm not one you should move past, these player guys, you choose that
To me, you're worth a lot more than what they had valued you as
Only reason they hollered was because you got a cute ass

They just want you for sex and then they move on to a new task
Your actions show your true class, I think you're moving too fast
Datin' these strangers can be dangerous, they rarely do last
But you just too blinded to see, just like a disease
The guy that you been lookin' for is more than likely me

But now I'm on some "fuck you" type shit
Your mind is so indecisive, bitch, cry
I'll no longer be ya tissue you can wipe with
You just triflin', you get screwed so much
I'm thinkin' that you like it, my prediction on
Your future is always right, I must be psychic, damn

See, I ain't even tryna affiliate myself with stupid
People like you anymore, it's the same damn story with
You every single time, don't be callin' me talkin 'bout
You fucked up, bitch, fuck you!
That's just the way that the story goes
Deep down bitches ain't nothing but clueless, horny hoes
They'll fill ya life up with drama like it's the maury show
She'll turn her back on you even though she had sworn she won't

I never felt this sore before, here's what you do to be fair
You get a girl, fuck her while the opportunity is there, cause if you don't
Some other nigga will, best believe this shit is real and
When you find out what she's been doin' you'll fall and get the chills
Love is just a battlefield, some bitches be gettin' killed
Niggas too, it's the truth, better run and get your shield

Hoes will make ya think they
At home waitin' for ya, sittin' still
But really, she's out with that guy
You don't like and she's gettin' drilled
My heart is forever swollen, why'd I let you ever hold it?
Girl, you was my bella and I
Thought I was your edward cullen
There's no rules to hop onto your boat
You'll take whatever floats it
Bitch, you turned my heart into a cave
No one should ever go in

I can't stand these stupid bitches
Man, I just wanna take my hand
And put it around their fucking neck
And choke the fuck outta them! Ooh!
Fuck 'em all!

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