Ari Hest

Good Intentions

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La mmm

An old man trips and stumbles
He dangles on for fools
Along comes one to save him
Helplessness he cant ignore
He says lend me a hand Ill help you out son
The older man shakes his head
No, Says I can do it myself boy
Go mind your own business instead
A rescue mission that has been failed
He walks away with his face down
Cracks a smile, blinks his eyes
Figured its alright after all he had good intentions
As long as he had good intentions

Stuck in traffic
Bumper to bumper no where to run
A driver juts to the shoulder
Says hold on tight were gonna have some fun
She comes and makes her way down
The d
But in the review mirror
Sirons screams with a lust your busted
Thanks a lot stupid
Now were gonna be late
It was silly of me to let you decide our fate
Of all the crazy remarks she could have made
She chooses to say its alright I had good intentions
And as long as I had good intentions
Everything is alright
Ohh I say

Tempo Change

Itll all itll all itall be alright
Itll all be alright

Yellow balloons and lighted candles
All set up so nice
The family gathers up and shuts off the house lights
Well shush shush quiet down no body make a sound
Daddys comin home nobody circle around
Well push crack the door smacks against the wall
Surprise is screamed at the top of their lungs
And like cut down tree daddy just simply
crashes through the room like hed been through a war
the swirled from the stench of his breath
the family just watched with their mouths hung down
no they couldnt believe the turn of events
its alright after all he had good intentions
good intentions
so its fine
its fine