Darrell Scott

Goodle, USA

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What if no one would kill for their religion
What if armies had a bake sale for their wars
What if the children of the world made world decisions
& paint-by-number Jesus wasn't even hangin'around anymore

Everything's a-ok in the USA
In the goodle USA
Everything's a-ok in the USA
In the goodle USA

It's like everything and nothing leads to wisdom
It's like no one really meant what they meant
It's like every man's a king - every house a kingdom
It's like joe mccarthy was our acting president

I know that I, I'm just a dreamer-a common man scheemer
Looking for light out of the dark night of my soul

I hear the drums of war, they are a'changing
And everybody's getting in the groove
Laughing and dancing and talking and jammmin' and singin'
Yeah, we got nothin' but love to prove
- How 'bout you?


Autor(es): Darrell Scott

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