Johnnie Taylor

Good Love

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Where you been all of my life
Tell me where you've been hiding
I've been searching for someone like you that I can spend my life with
How did you get out of my dreams
How did heaven loose you
I've been looking for someone like you that I can share my life

This time we got a good love
This time we got something special
This time we gonna do it do it put or minds to it until we get it right
Though I've had my share of heartaches
Can't count the change that I've been through
I don't mean to say I'm perfect
But I'm perfect for you
And I've been around baby
I've made love to more than a few
But I'm ready to settle down girl
And spend my whole life loving you

Good love baby
Ooh yeah yeah
You and I got a special love
You and I got a special love
You and I-I-I-I-I-I got a special love

Autor(es): Charles Richard Cason

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