Good Lovin' (makes It Right)

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Good lovin' keeps a home together good lovin' sure can make it right
If you never wanna be without him it means lovin' everything about him
That keeps your man around at night

It takes a whole lotta woman to hold it together today
Cause a lot of other women have a whole lotta time to play
You gotta be a saint on Sunday morning a devil on Saturday night
And when you love him do it right
Cause she's around every corner wrapped in fur
And you've got to be just a little bit better than her
A little bit sweeter with morning kisses a whole lot warmer in the night
With a whole lotta good lovin' to make everything alright
Good lovin' keeps a home together...

If you don't believe what I'm tellin' you is so
Put your man right in the street and watch him go
Right to the arms of a woman who couldn't even hold you a light
When a lotta good lovin' would've made everything alright
Yeah if you don't believe...
Yeah when a lotta good lovin' would've made everything alright

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