Big D and The Kids Table


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I've seen 22 years of life
and I think I basically know what's going on
as far as what life's not about.

There's a cycle I won't be part of,
but it's not because I don't think it's right,
I gotta keep doing what I think I'm here for
and not get buried in someone elses life.
When I was younger I didn't know life meant falling into place,
Taking over a menual position that meant nothing to you in the first place
Getting older confused by friends
they're 22 and almost done,
I must have missed the "Grow Up" sign
I thought we were still having fun

So good luck, with not forgetting who you are even though it seems you have to
Good luck, finding your own way, not settling in where your not happy
Good luck, remembering it's only life
Good luck, not following what you don't believe in
Good luck, seeing many problems are only a big deal if you make them

Everyone I met surounds me every day in my head
It's a part of what makes me who i am,
it's the attitude of my life,

And I turn around and see how some have made me feel so nice to me
Just made me laugh at life when I couldn't deal.
And I wanna be just like that it's what I want to be,
not held down by others but now I can see
I'll make my life a place I like or I could just sit and blame for things
not right,
What's to gain spending all of our life putting your friends down again and again

So good luck, being someone who can always help someone out
Good luck, in remembering how much you can affect someone else
Good luck, with not being selfish
Good luck, with not being alone
Good luck, in this world we're all just trying to get along
Good luck, with not getting caught up
Good luck, with not getting stressed
Good luck, with figuring things out
Good luck, with doing your best
Good luck, with not losing yourself
Good luck, for standing for what's right
Good luck, for being happy when you sit to review your life.

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